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Terra 2017 Short-Term Flow-Through LP

The Terra 2017 Short-Term Flow-Through Limited Partnership can be used by investors interested in contributing their flow-through investment for charitable purposes so as to obtain additional tax deductions in 2018.

This flow-through limited partnership invests in a portfolio of flow-through shares of primarily oil & gas firms as well as mining resource companies which offer good value and potential for capital appreciation. Investors receive very favourable tax savings towards their 2015 income tax return. The flow-through limited partnership will transfer its assets to its designated rollover fund whose shares may subsequently be donated to TerraTundra Foundation or any other registered charities for additional 2016 tax deductions.

Donation Summary
A 1-page Donation Summary of the Terra 2017 Short-Term Flow-Through LP (Ontario residents)

Key characteristics

1.  Investment in a diversified portfolio of primarily oil & gas firms as well as mining resource companies
2.  Expert portfolio management by Greg Bay of Cypress Capital Management Ltd.
3.  Donate $1,000 for as little as $11
4.  Donate some or all shares in 2016 to TerraTundra Foundation or other registered charity for additional donation tax savings
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