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TerraTundra Dividend Growth Mutual Fund

Rollover Units of a Terra Flow-Through LP may be transferred to the TerraTundra Dividend Growth Mutual Fund.

The Terra Small Cap Growth Fund and TerraTundra Dividend Growth Fund are managed by Cypress Capital Management Ltd ("Cypress"). Cypress is a boutique money manager made up of an eight-member team of investment professionals managing over $3 billion in assets for institutional and private clients. Cypress has a particular focus on Canadian equities, notably small/mid cap, high-yield, and energy securities. Their investment process focuses on what they believe to be well managed, financially sound companies with superior revenue and earnings growth potential, trading at attractive valuations.

Fund Profile
TerraTundra Dividend Growth Fund

Key characteristics

1.   Investment in a diversified portfolio of approximately 50 to 100 dividend and distribution paying equity securities
2.   Expert portfolio management by Cypress Capital Management Ltd.
3.   Capital appreciation potential - Allow the investment to grow so additional dollars accumulate for larger charitable grants
4.   Investment in primarily Canadian companies, as well as, US and international companies
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