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Eligibility Criteria for Investors

To subscribe for Terra Funds, the investor must be a Canadian resident or corporation and (1) qualify as an accredited, non-accredited/eligible or sophisticated investor; and (2) invest a minimum of $1,000 in a fund . An individual qualifies as an accredited or non-accredited/eligible investor by meeting a financial test (income or asset). Please see the table below for a partial listing of the eligibility requirements for purchasing Terra's flow-through LP in each province or territory. For more eligibility criteria, please contact Terra.

  Accredited Investors Non-Accredited/Eligible Investors Sophisticated Investors
Province or Territory Ontario & all other Provinces & Territories BC, NS, NB, NFLD AB, SK, MB, PEI, NWT, Nunavut Ontario & all other Provinces & Territories
Investment Amount ≥ $5,000 ≥ $5,000 ≥ $5,000 ≥ $150,000
Income Test* > $200k for indiv. or
> $300k with spouse
NA > $75k for indiv. or
> $125k w spouse
OR OR   OR  
Asset Test** > $1 million in FINANCIAL ASSETS alone or with a spouse NA > $400k in NET ASSETS alone or with a spouse NA

* Net Income before taxes in each of the 2 most recent calendar years & a reasonable expectation to do so this calendar year.
** The amount is net of any related liabilities either alone or together with a spouse.
NA not applicable

Financial Assets include (i) cash, (ii) securities, or (iii) a contract of insurance. The value of an investor's personal residence or other real estate is not included in the calculation of financial assets. By comparison, Net Assets includes all of the investor's assets, minus all of his or her liabilities, and therefore may include an investor's personal residence and other real estate.

All non-accredited/eligible investors must complete and sign a Risk Acknowledgement Form.

Please consult with your broker or investment advisor and review the applicable requirements (including those listed in the offering memorandum) to determine whether you qualify as an investor. Information about the Terra Funds is not to be construed as a public offering of securities in any jurisdiction of Canada. The offering of units of the Terra Funds is made pursuant to their respective offering memorandum only to those investors in jurisdictions of Canada who meet certain eligibility requirements or minimum purchase requirements. Read the applicable offering memorandum carefully before investing. Unit values and investment returns will fluctuate.
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