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Terra Short Term Flow-Through LP

The Terra 2017 Short-Term Flow-Through Limited Partnership provides an early rollover and tax deductions & credits of up to 126%. This flow-through limited partnership invests in a portfolio of flow-through shares of primarily oil & gas firms as well as mining resource companies which offer good value and potential for capital appreciation. Investors receive very favourable tax savings towards their 2017 income tax return.

Between June and November 2018 investors may choose to hold, re-invest, redeem or donate their mutual fund shares. The early rollover also allows for annual reinvestments sooner. Terra's LPs convert to a mutual fund typically 6 to 18 months earlier than standard Flow-Through LP offerings.

Greg Bay will manage the Partnership's investment portfolio. Mr. Bay is co-founder and President of Cypress Capital Management Ltd. which manages over $2.5 billion in assets for individulas, families, foundations and corporations. Mr. Bay has over 29 years experience investing in the resource sector and brings establlished relationship in the industry. He has a particularly strong capability in the small and medium cap resource market where the majority of flow-through offerings occur.

Executive Summary
A more detailed 4-page summary of the Terra 2017 Short-Term Flow-Through LP

Key characteristics

1. Investment in a diversified portfolio of primarily oil & gas firms as well as mining resource companies
2. Expert portfolio management by Greg Bay of Cypress Capital Management Ltd.
3. Up to 115% in tax deductions and 15% in federal investment tax credits
4. Early rollover so switches, redemptions, reinvestments and donations may be made between June and November 2018
5. Capital appreciation potential
6. Early conversion to Terra Small Cap Growth Fund
7. Dual class structure: A & F Class units

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