Rollover completed on June 27, 2023

Terra 2022 Short-Term Flow-Through LP

Fund Details
Investment Objective
The partnership invests in a portfolio of publicly listed mining firms that provide attractive tax savings and offer the potential for capital appreciation.
Tax Savings
Federal tax deductions and tax credits provided in 2022 include Canadian Exploration Expenses (CEE) and two types of federal mining tax credits: (1) 15% federal mineral exploration tax credit (METC) - for gold and silver investments; or (2) new 30% federal critical mineral exploration tax credit (CMETC) - for clean energy critical mineral investments, including cobalt, copper, lithium, nickel, uranium & zinc. Additional provincial mining tax credits (BC, SK, MB & ON) and provincial mining tax deductions (QC) are also provided in provinces that offer exploration incentives. Tax savings are further enhanced for investors with available capital losses.
Capital Appreciation
Capital appreciation is achieved through an increase in the value of the partnership’s portfolio of investments.
Rollover/ Maturity: Completed on June 27, 2023
Issue price: $100/Unit
Minimum investment: $2,500 (25 Units) - multiples of $500 thereafter
FundServ codes: A Class: TER 322 / F Class: TER 422


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