A simplified and tax-smart approach to charitable giving.

Why TerraTundra?

Make your charitable giving simple and more impactful.

Since 2011

TerraTundra has helped donors give more

Your Charities

It's easy to support your favourite charities

Low Cost

$500 minimum account balance and free set-up

Donate More

Grow and give 30% more than donating cash

How It Works


Donate a Terra LP, cash, or other securities and receive a tax receipt.

What will my tax deduction be?

The tax deduction is determined by the fair market value or cash value on donation. You receive the same tax deductions as donating to any public charity and receive a tax receipt for 100% of your donation. Administrative fees do not affect your tax receipt.

Can I donate a Terra LP? What else can I donate?

Yes, a Terra LP investment may be donated on maturity. You can donate cash, stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, real estate, insurance policies and more.

Who can set-up an account?

Donors may include individuals and groups, corporations, private foundations, trusts and partnerships.

Is there a minimum balance?

No. Once you open an account with $500 or more, you can direct your donation to any registered charities. Any balance retained in the account will be invested in the Giving Fund so it has the potential to grow tax-fee.


Support your favourite charities now or later. There are over 85,000 qualified charities to choose from.

Can I give to charities immediately?

Yes. Once your Giving Account is funded, you can start supporting charities right away. Directing your donation via TerraTundra to your favourite charities is called a “grant" because you've already made your tax-deductible donation to us.

Can I support any charity I want?

Yes. You can donate via TerraTundra to over 85,000 charities registered with CRA - that means everything from your alma mater to your local church or hospital. You can even support international causes.

What is the minimum I can give?

You can give as little as $50 to your favourite charities. There’s no maximum; the full balance of your account can be granted at any time.

Can I give anonymously?

Yes. You can also choose to have your name disclosed.


Grow your donation tax-free so you can give more. And take the time to decide which charities to support.

How is my donation invested?

Donations may be converted to shares in the TerraTundra Dividend Growth Fund (“Giving Fund”) for tax-free growth so more can be given at a later date.

Why are investment returns tax-free?

Charities have tax-exempt status so investment returns are not taxed.

How has the Giving Fund performed?

The compound annual growth rate for no-load shares is 6.08% (net of fees) from May 17, 2013 to December 31, 2017.

Can my Giving account lose money?

Yes. Just like any investment, an invested donation depends on market performance of the fund. Any decreases, however, will not affect your tax deduction, as you would have already received a tax receipt for the donation made to your Giving Account.

Donate 30% More

A donation invested in the Giving Fund has grown over 30%.


What It Costs

No setup cost and low fees make for a winning combination.


Initial donation

No setup fee, no minimum balance. Direct your donations to your favourite charities now or later.

$5 or 0.5%*

Administrative fee

The more in your Giving Account, the lower the percentage.
* whichever is greater


Management fee

Invest your donation in our Giving Fund and earn tax-free returns.

Do More With Giving


Charities Supported

Some of over 200 charities supported by donors using TerraTundra.