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Offering, Performance & Reports

Terra 2018 FTLP

Investment Summary
3 pages・5 min read

Executive Summary
6 pages・8 min read

Past Performance

Terra LPs: 2005 to 2017
1 page・3 min read

Quarterly Reports

Q4 2018
5 pages・6 min read

Q3 2018
4 pages・5 min read

Resources & Calculators

Life Cycle & Taxes

Terra LP Life Cycle 
1 page・2 min read

Growth in Taxes
1 page・1 min read

Tax Savings Calculator

Online Calculator
for all devices

News Articles

Energy on the Rise
2 pages・5 min read

Shale Trailblazer
4 pages・6 min read


Tax Savings Cards

1 page・2 min read



Commodity Overview

Commodities are Cheap
3 pages・3 min read

Periodic Table of Returns
1 page・1 min read