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About Terra Funds

Terra Fund Management Ltd. offers a family of tax-advantaged funds, which invest in publicly traded companies. Terra's funds also incorporate innovative structures and offer top-tier portfolio management. Our 2017 Flow-Through LP is dual class funds and has been developed to meet the needs of individual and corporate investors seeking high quality growth and tax-advantaged investment products.

Terra Flow-Through LP & Mutual Fund Offerings
Terra currently offers four funds sold by offering memorandum: Terra 2017 Short-Term Flow-Through LP, TerraTundra Dividend Growth Fund, TerraTundra Money Market Fund, and Terra Small Cap Growth Fund. Terra's mutual funds are corporate class and are focused on the North American and Global sectors and seek higher long-term returns. To see a comparison of the funds see Terra Fund Facts.

Investing in Terra Funds
Investment in all Terra Funds may be made through your broker or financial advisor or by direct purchase. Our funds are only available to individuals resident of Canada or Canadian corporations who qualify as an accredited, non-accredited/eligible or sophisticated investor. To determine if you are a qualified investor, see Eligibility Criteria for Investors.

If your financial strategy calls for saving taxes and investing in the resource sector for future potential gain - please call your investment advisor or contact us today.

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