Our Mission

Preserving wealth by saving taxes.

Past Performance

Terra Flow-Through LP’s have performed well and provided attractive after-tax returns.


Rollover for 2020 LP is targeted for June 2021. NAV for Class A units is calculated on rollover, except for 2020 LP which is December 31, 2020. After-tax returns for Ontario resident. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

The Terra Difference

Terra LPs vs its peers. Easily distinguishable.

Offering TypeOMProspectus
Flow-through share typeSuper Flow-ThroughSuper Flow-Through
Investments100% public companies≥ 80% public companies
DiversificationYes ~ 25 or more investmentsYes ~ varies
Total tax deductions per $1k$1,170 ~$1,210$1,077 ~ $1,200
Federal ITC Max per $1,000$135$0 ~ $135
Rollover / Maturity (target date)June 2022Sept 2022 ~ July 2023
FL: A ClassYesYes
NL: F ClassYesNo
Minimum investment$2,500$2,500
Management Fee2%2%
Performance Bonus20%20%
AuditorsE&Y LLPVarious
Legal & TaxStikeman Elliott LLPVarious
CustodianNBIN, National BankVarious

Investors should refer to the Offering Memorandum for more detailed information. The figures are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended as a forecast of future events. Actual tax deductions may be more or less. Tax rates are subject to change.

How We Build Portfolios

Terra actively invests and manages a diversified portfolio of primarily Super Flow-Through shares of public gold and mining firms which provide attractive tax savings and additional returns as resource companies rebound from current historical lows.


Sector weightings are determined through individual stock selection by the portfolio manager. With investment, your capital is at risk.

Past Mining Investments

Terra LPs invest in a diversified portfolio of primarily Super Flow-Through shares of public gold and mining companies that provide up to 130% in tax deductions and credits.