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Ford strikes lithium deals as ‘near-shoring’ trend benefits Canadian miners

Quebec’s nascent lithium mining industry has won a vote of confidence from Ford Motor Co.


The New EV Gold-Rush:
Automakers Scramble to Get Into Mining

A scarcity of EV battery materials pushes car companies and miners to work closer together; for both, there is a learning curve.


The best bet for the 2020s is short tech, long commodities

Many commentators attribute these moves to rising interest rates… now magnified by fear that war in Ukraine will disrupt supplies.


Is Gold on Schedule to Catch Inflation Train?

Gold’s resilience suggests the Fed might have a tough time in its battle with inflation.


‘Greenflation’ threatens to derail climate change action

The unintended result is “greenflation”: rising prices for metals and minerals such as copper, aluminium and lithium…”


Resource Equities: Inflation Protection Trading at a Discount

During inflationary periods, resource equities have grown purchasing power.


Commodity Prices Soar – Miners Aren’t Investing

Despite a commodity boom that is boosting profits, miners aren’t throwing cash at new projects, raising concerns about future shortages of some metals.


Gold Still Shines 50 Years After Nixon. Will Netflix?

“But gold, where pessimists find a home, is doing even better.”


Terra 2020 LP Focuses on Gold and Resources

We expect investments in the gold sector followed by uranium, diamonds, zinc and energy.