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Prices & Performance: Flow-Through LPs Mutual Funds
NAVs  As of January 31, 2018
Invested Amount
(per LP Unit)
NAV* After-Tax Return
(on valuation or rollover date)
Terra 2017 Short-Term FTLP - F Class $100 Active $80.3850 41%
Terra 2017 Short-Term FTLP - A Class $100 Active $75.5702 32%
Terra 2016 Short-Term FTLP - F Class $100 Rolled Over $74.4241 30%
Terra 2016 Short-Term FTLP - A Class $100 Rolled Over $70.5275 23%
Terra 2015 Short-Term FTLP - F Class $100 Rolled Over $109.66 60%
Terra 2015 Short-Term FTLP - A & C Class $100 Rolled Over $104.84 52%
Average (for 18 LPs): 2005 to 2017 $100   $73.50 28%
* The beginning NAV is normally $75 to $80 after factoring in 10% issue costs (expenses related to creating, selling and operating the fund) and the average 10-15% premium paid for flow-through shares.
  NAV is per initial $100 investment.
** Returns for the Terra FTLPs are calculated based on the NAV of the partnership on the date of rollover into a corporate class mutual fund, except for any Terra FTLP listed above that has not yet rolled over (status designated as "Open" or "Closed" or "Active") the return is calculated as at the valuation date indicated above. The after-tax returns on at-risk capital have been calculated based on an Ontario taxpayer who pays tax at a 46.41% marginal tax rate.
  For investors with unused capital losses, the after-tax returns will be higher.
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